Professionally tattooing since 1992

Love to tattoo: (in no particular order) large scale, sleeves, anything with strong flowing compositional elements. This can include but not limited to, biomechanical, organic, water, fire, wind, earth (see my portfolio for examples) Neo-Japanese work (meaning a more painterly approach to the traditional style of Japanese.) Other subject matter that I usually find myself tattooing most naturally include: sci-fi/space, past cultures, floral, filigree, nature, bugs, birds, ethereal objects or animals, fish and last but not least skulls. (I have a large collection of skulls I use for reference quite often.) I also love the challenge of cover-ups. There is a certain degree of expertise involved in rendering a successful cover-up and I revel in the challenge and limitation this provides me. It forces me to be more focused.

Things I'm not as comfortable tattooing: portraits (unless they are of famous people with stark contrasts) Gray wash, (I do however feel very comfortable doing opaque Black & Gray work-see portfolio for examples.) I can do black tribal, but again only if it has strong flowing compositional elements, (I prefer 3D tribal or straight up bio-mech stuff.) I try to remain as versatile as possible for my clients as they continue to challenge me. I love tattooing and don’t really turn anything down unless I feel someone else in the shop may be more qualified than me to do the tattoo.

I'd like to add: The tattoos I have started recently are among some of my favorites I have ever done. I'd like to thank all my clients who have placed their trust in me and allowed me to tattoo them. It is an honor and without them, I would not be where I am today.
I do have a personal life beyond tattooing that's quite important to me. I do my best to keep all appointments I make but on rare occasion I do need to reschedule if something comes up.