Brion Norwalk

Brion Norwalk

Professionally Tattooing since 1995

The art of tattooing is a sacred and personal one. The art you wear, you wear for life. This call-to-duty to be at my creative best is why I have chosen tattooing as my career and why I have been at Infinite Art for over two decades. Yes. You read it right. During that time, I have had the opportunity to explore many styles of tattooing. This gave me the foundation of experience I needed to hone my strengths as an artist and skills as a tattooist.

Styles I prefer to work in:
Organic or Bio-Mechanical, Armor, Neo-Japanese, Cover-Ups, Realism, Movie/Comic Book/Video Game Portraiture or images, Flowers, Animals, Other Nature-based subject matter, Space and anything Sci-Fi related, anything unique or unusual.

Styles I steer away from:
American Traditional, New-School Cartoon Styles, Graffiti, anything overtly negative, racist, sacrilegious, or disrespectful

I enjoy working in both Black-and-Grey and Color. I tend to work on a large-scale format, but I am more than happy to accept smaller work, as well. I welcome almost all concepts and challenges, however unusual they may be. With that being said, if I feel that another artist may be more attuned to your artistic needs, then I will make sure that you are in talented, capable hands.

To my Clients, Friends, and Clients-to-be:
My longevity in this industry can be attributed to one thing - YOU. I recognize the trust and responsibility that comes with the honor of being granted space in your life and on your skin. I will never take that lightly. I am here for you and I am always ready to translate your ideas, thoughts, and memories into successful designs that will last a lifetime.

For all appointments or other inquires, contact me by email, my Facebook page, or at Instagram.