Name: Mike Fairman

Alias: Mad Mike, Mikey Two Shirtz, Cock O' The Walk

Tattooing Since: 2003

Artist Since: Birth

Art Influences: The late, one and only Bob Ross, H.R. Giger, M.C. Escher, Frank Frazetta, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Jim Li, Todd McFarlane, and that guy who used to do that show "Secret City"... among many more.

Preferred Tattoo Style: Black and Gray Everyting: Realism, Surrealism, Painterly, and Illustrative. 

Preferred Subjects: Portraiture, People, Animals, Nature, Landscape and Architectural, Surrealistic Abstract, Morphs (combining two subjects into a single picture), Dark and moody or atmospheric works, Skulls. All. Day.

No Good At or Will Not Do: Tribal, Americana Traditional, Japanese Traditional, Anything Sac-religious (Any religion), Satanic, or anything I deem betrays my own sensibilities and belief system.

I've traveled many places and worked alongside many artists throughout my career. The one constant that always has stayed with me is growth. Tattooing has brought more value in the form of having a drive to succeed and to grow artistically than anything I have done before it, and the one absolute I will always carry with me is that unique connection to people, their lives, their footprint, and their stories.This is the heart of why I chose tattooing as my lifelong career. More than anything, it has always been my desire to give my clients more than just a tattoo they're happy with, but a great experience while they're getting it and my clients often become my friends. I love what I do, every day, and am honored to hold that place for my clients as their chosen artist.  

How to get an appointment with me: I book exclusively by phone through Infinite Art Tattoo. I will set you up first with a consultation, and from there we can set up your tattoo appointment. If you are out of state or traveling from a long distance, please call me at the shop number and I will give you details on how we can correspond. Consultations are free and obligation free. Any changes to scheduling including cancellations, late arrivals, or reschedules must be made by phone within 48 hours in order to retain your deposit.