Andala Rae

Andala Rae

Andala Rae

An eclectic versatile artist with a passion for creation!

Profession-  Tattoo Artist
Other Skills include- oil and acrylic painting, sculpting and mixed media assemblages, ceramics, fashion and jewelry design.

Strong Suits-  I thoroughly enjoy rendering natural objects, including but not limited to flowers, plants, insects, and trees.  I have a mystical influence, and love creating mandalas and other forms of geometry. I have an abstract flavour, and an eye for colour!  

Tattoos I Shy Away From-  Realistic portraits, tiny faces, American Traditional, Tribal, Asian Traditional, Celtic Knot work.

What You Receive From a Girl Like Me

-A clean, pleasant and relaxed environment to reside during the process
-A vibrant and clean tattoo
-Thorough after care instructions
I treat all of my clients with the utmost respect and remain extraordinarily fair with my rates, and time frames for completion for your piece.  
I know how important and permanent a tattoo is, because of this I always give my clients the time that each piece needs to look it's absolute best from now until it erodes in the grave.  I consider all factors including aging, natural flow and your skin palette when designing and finding the best location for each piece.

To Make Contact-
The best way to reach me is either to stop at the shop for a moment, or if you wish to chat about an idea, I schedule consultation appointments at high noon Tuesday through Saturday.