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About Infinite Art Tattoo Studios

Infinite Art was founded with the client in mind.

Infinite art was founded in 1994 by artist Brian "Monk" Taylor and his business partner Joseph Kondalski. Having been friends and playing in bands together over the course of many years they decided to start a new project together: Infinite Art Tattoo Studio.

Monk had tattooed in another local studio for a short time when Joe approached him about becoming partners in a new studio to be located in west Toledo. This sounded good to Monk so the journey began to find a suitable location. This would prove to be no easy task as many landlords did not wish to rent to a tattoo studio. Many of them felt it would bring an "undesirable" element into their buildings not to mention their neighborhoods. So, after many weeks of searching and much frustration the two settled at the location the studio currently resides in at 3930 Secor Rd. near Sylvania avenue.

Infinite Art was founded with the client in mind. Monk had travelled to many tattoo shops across the country and had come to one overwhelming conclusion: without the clients, the tattoo shops wouldn't exist. So why was it that a lot of the shops and artists acted like they were doing the clients a favor, it should be the other way around. With this in mind, Monk started the shop with the help of his long time friend, Joe.

Infinite Art opened it's doors on November 4, 1994, with Monk working 6 days a week and SunDave working one. Since then, the shop has undergone many personnel changes and remodels to finally arrive where we are today.