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Mike Fairman

Name: Mike Fairman


Alias: Mad Mike, Mikey Two Chainz, Cock O' The Walk, Tattooed Jesus


Art Heroes: The late great, one and only, immortal Bob Ross, H.R. Giger, M.C. Escher, Frank Frazetta, Salvador Dali, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Jim Li, Todd McFarlane, and that guy who used to do that show "Secret City".


Tattoo style: I do a lot of and am mostly referred to for my black and grey realism, painterly, and spatial quality work including Portraiture both human and animal, and landscape. I can also produce realistic texture based works such as engraved stone, embossed metal, and realistic looking skin tears. Ever changing and expanding my knowledge, I also do illustrative realism and surrealism; my two favorite artistic genres, both in color and black and grey. I'm always down for large, interconnected pieces such as sleeves and back murals. 


I've been tattooing since 2003. My years as a tattooer has seen me grow immensely as an artist and a person, exposing me to the deeper end of art and culture. The real connection is the people. While I always knew I would pursue a career in an artistic field, tattooing attaches the unique experience of connecting with people from all walks of life and their often beautiful, sometimes strange, storied lives.  And I love every bit of it. 


If I could guess what all the folks tattooed by me could unanimously say about me in a single word, I would guess "Heart". I have a ton of it, an empathetic spirit, and I pour it into every person who sits in my chair. My goal for every client is always to go beyond their expectations with a tattoo they truly love, but also to make it a positive and memorable experience they can always look back on while enjoying their skin art. 


If you are interested in setting up a consultation or appointment to get tattooed, it is my requirement to call the shop and speak to a receptionist. I do not set appointments or consult through any form of social media or email. If you have questions about my rates or basic questions relating to things I will or won't do, I welcome you to contact me through email, however I do not price anything outside a consultation in person. 


One side note: Please feel free to show me any reference toward what you're looking to get designed, but I ask to not bring me any pictures of other peoples' tattoos. Even referencing someone else's work without completely stealing it is highly conflicting and is not appropriate or necessary to me generating a design for you. Those tattoos were uniquely thought of, designed, and applied as original work by hard working artists, and often encapsulate the wearer's personal story. They are meant to be observed and appreciated as one-time pieces and should stay unique to that artist and wearer without the fear of being reproduced or ripped off. I will apply my style and knowledge to your ideas based on the fact you are coming to me because you've looked at my work and therefore trust I can give you what you are looking for.