Brad Profile pic.jpg

Professions: Full time tattooer, aspiring illustrator and graphic novelist.

Regarding Tattoos: My primary goal as a tattooer is to be as versatile as possible, accepting any and every project that time will allow, with that being said, I definitely have prefered styles that I’m always excited to work in, those being; custom illustrative and narrative works, ornamentation (including, but not limited to mandalas, filigree, damask and floral patterning and lacework), neo-traditional and westernized Japanese imagery.

Regarding Illustrations: When it comes to my personal artwork, the illustrations are an expression of myself filtered through visual imagery, however, I am willing to take commissioned work in this format when I’m not too busy with tattooing, if the project idea interests me.

Professional Strengths: Aforementioned versatility, patience with clientele who happen to be ‘particular’ about their tattoos, availability (meaning I can typically get you in within a few weeks at most), and a broad range of technical skills having apprenticed under Monk while simultaneously studying under my fellow tattooers at Infinite Art.

Professional Weaknesses: I tend to move slowly on large scale projects and while tattooing imagery that I’m not as familiar with, as I’m lacking in experience compared to my counterparts. I also struggle with multitasking, which means I often forget to return phone calls and respond infrequently to emails as I focus intensely on the immediate projects I’m working on. Have a little patience with me, and I will do my best to get you in the chair and give you the best tattoo that I can.

Interests: Aside from tattooing and drawing in general, I love to read and write (usually poems and short stories), am an avid daydreamer and tend to get lost in my own thoughts, so I tend to come off as distant or disinterested, which I can assure you is not the case. I am fascinated by all manner of science, but especially cosmology and physics, I really enjoy human history, particularly ancient culture and religion. I love to talk about complicated ideas, so if you’d like to get tattooed by me and discuss the illusory nature of our subjective reality, you can contact me with the information below.